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Florists Short Stories Of Inspiration

Beatris – FridaFleurs, Chisinau                                                                                            When I first started to work with flowers I didn’t even think that will be something that I love the most to do. My inspiration comes from the form and colors of the flowers I work with, combining the colors between comes naturally and even without thinking about it. When I’m doing the bouquet arrangements for my clients I like to talk with them, too see how they are reacting at he bouquet I’m making, this is my motivation and inspiration!

Sorina – FlowerPower, Amsterdam

I was a kid living in the countryside and I used to go to the plains with my auntie to pick up wildflowers and doing bouquets. These are my very precious memories about flowers and how I started to love them. I’m getting inspired by the nature and with nature beside me. When I’m making a bouquet I always think about how nature gifted us with all the beauties and how can I transpose this into my bouquets.

Misha – Studio Linen, Berlin                                                                                                  The idea of making someone happy with my bouquets is my biggest inspiration. I’m always getting inspired by the people I work with. My heart is pumping very fast when I see the eyes and smiles of my clients that sees the beauty in my arrangements.

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